Sunday, December 28, 2014

Maddie arrives in Chile, first 2 weeks!

We took Maddie to the airport Tuesday morning December 16th and arrived plenty early so had some time to wait.  While waiting we took a few pictures and were also surprised to see Aunt MaryAnn a little while later coming through!  We thought how nice that she would make the trip to Boise to say goodbye, but after thanking her for being so kind and thoughtful she laughed and had to admit she was on her way to Seattle to see her daughter Paige!  We love Aunt MaryAnn-it was sweet to see her anyway!  When it was time to say goodbye, we watched Maddie go through security-she turned and waved with a smile and we waved back with a few tears.  It was very hard to say goodbye!  We love her!

She arrived in Chile at 11:00 Wednesday morning and said that the traffic was crazy, that the streets are filled with bikes and motorcycles that just go around you if you are in the way.  So thankful that she arrived safe; the plane trip from Dallas to Santiago is almost 11 hours!  


So we got here on Wednesday safely. The airport was nuts. It was like an auction. Haha everyone waiting for someone was in this little area and had signs and were shouting names to find people haha all the hermanas in the first picture were at the Dallas airport with me and there are 2 more sisters who were still inside named Hermana Williamson y Hermana Ross who were at the airport too. We are our own district! Its the best! We have so much fun together and especially like making fun of all the Elderes who have contests to see how much jello they can shove in their mouths at lunch. For breakfast everyday we have oatmeal and hot milk. Its really not too bad especially when they have fruit like strawberries and oranges. Then for dinner and lunch is a lot of chicken and LOTS OF RIIICCCEEEE and bread. They told the hermanas to eat salad because our bodies cant handle so many carbs and Im fine with that ;) haha Everyday feels like 3 days but the week has gone fast. We get to go to the temple today!! :) The temple is in our front yard :)  We have 3 teachers. Hermano Riutor, Hermana Cabrera y Hermano Cañas. They are all so great and the Spirit is felt so strong. Español is hard but Im getting better. :) I can say all of my prayers in Spanish and when we have lessons with investigators I can understand most of what they say if they talk slowly. Its true, Chileans speak SO FAST! They wake us up every morning with Mormon Tabernacle Choir and its so nice! Mi y Hermana Goodwin (mi compañera) share a room with 3 other girls so mornings are kinda crowded in front of the mirror. ;) haha The CCM presidente is Presidente Doll y his wife Hermana Doll. SHe makes the most wonderful cookies. We only have dessert on Sundays and Ive never wanted a chocolate chip cookie more in my life than I did on Sunday night. hahaha There are stray dogs EVERYWHERE!! They come and play with us when we are at the park for excercise. its really nice to be outside every morning and their parks are super nice. Right now I am in the East in the CCM but the South is very poor. Im very excited to serve there with a humble people :) Everything they say to us here in la CCM is in Spanish. All of Sacrament meeting is as well and all of the missionaries have to prepare talks in Spanish and they call you up randomly to give yours. Thankfully Presidente is merciful and doesnt call on the new white girls the first week ;) 

We miss Maddie so much but know that her service to the Chilean people and her efforts to teach them about Jesus Christ and his gospel will bless their lives, change their lives, and give them more happiness, purpose and direction.
Images by Freepik