Wednesday, August 26, 2015


August 26, 2015

i've been transferred! it's strange to be in a different area. and when i say different, i mean different.  it's nothing like brisas here and i'm on the other side of the mission but i'm ready to have the marvelous experiences i know i'll have here. :) 
i have a new companion. and she's froooom... CALIFORNIA. 

hermana henrikson is from san diego. she's super great! :) two blondies roaming the streets of chena. woo!

it was hard to leave brisas but i know they're in good hands, the Lord's hands. i had the chance to visit a few people before i left and take some pictures so i'll be sending those. 

yesterday was my first day here and we visited a sister named silvia. her husband passed away recently. we shared jacob 5:70-75 and talked about our part in the work of the Lord just like the servants in the vineyard. she shared with us that she gave a Book of Mormon to a man in her neighborhood the other day and that they talked about the Holy Ghost and his influence in our lives. this man has a wife and 2 kids and we'll be visiting them this week. 

we also visited a sister named ines. she's about 85 years old and her husband also passed away recently. she's studying and preparing to enter the temple to be sealed to him. what a blessing it will be for her. 

i'm so excited to be in a new zone, a new area and with a new companion. i know hermana ibañez will be able to direct the area and keep the work going strong in brisas with hermana lesh. i know i wasn't a perfect trainer and that i wasn't expected to be but i learned that it is not "be perfect" it is, "be perfect in loving as Christ does" and i'm working on this. :) 

i hope you all have a great week! love, hermana walker

1. the Altamirano family! he was the zone leader of my cousin who served in Concepción

2. coni gallo and i 

3. laura gallo and i  

4. yo, hermana ibañez, maria and laura leiton-maria is 99 years old :) 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

JULIA is now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

August 19th, 2015

so here's the thing with my letter writing. i write before i get to the internet place and plan to type it all out when i'm here. hardly never works out. sooo, i'm sending a picture to make up for it and promising that next week you will all get a good letter. on august 16, julia ponce was baptized and this saturday, anastasia toledo will be baptized. the Lord is preparing those who will receive Him. :) 

love, hermana walker

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

there's just a little bit of rain

August 12, 2015

i have a lot of pictures to send from these past 3 weeks so this email will be mostly photos BUT this week was wonderful! it's been raining. and raining. and raining but i have rain boots and an umbrella so everything is just fine.

on sunday julia ponce will be baptized. she is so special. she's probably one of the most honest people i've ever met and this makes things super funny and really easy to get to know her. last sunday when we called to see if she needed help getting to church seeing that it was about 10:30 and church starts at 10 and she wasn't there yet. when she answered the phone, she didn't say hi or anything just said "hermanas! my sister has bronchitis and i'm taking care of her, talk to her because i'm not lying!" and she passed the phone to her sister. she always wants us to know that she's being honest and i love that! 

on saturday hermana ibañez got up early and made me breakfast and a lemon cake with lemon filling and lemon frosting on friday night. (she took care of me, mom ;) haha and hermano marcario made us lunch and bought me a cake. :) it was so yummy. 

on tuesday we met with a new family. the quiroz's. they're from peru and there's about 3 families living in this house! their hearts are so prepared to receive the Gospel in their lives. i will for sure be telling you more about them soon.

i hope you all had a great week and are having opportunities to serve those around you. your families, friends and those around. love, hermana walker

1. we're in the ANDES! we stopped and got out to take a few pictures before we got to the top of the mountain

2. nacho, hermana silva and hermana ibañez. we ate empanadas for lunch in a little restaurant at the top of the mountain

3. the mountains are breathtaking

4. last p-day! we had a pajama p-day with the other sisters in the mission

5. my lemon cake from hermana ibañez

6. lunch with hermana pamela and hermano marcario :) he even put an American flag on the table 

7. hermana norma, the hippest lady i know, also made me a cake..

8. aaand angelica and hector

9. aaannd tomás bought me a cat pen 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I don't know where the time goes

August 5, 2015

i think i'm starting to understand this expression more and more everyday. these last two weeks i haven't sent an email and this week is going to be short but next week will be long with pictures and everything. 

last week we went to the ANDES. can you believe it?? all 3 of the other missionaries in our ward hadn't ever been to the snow so we went up into the mountains with a member and played in the snow :) i took lots of pictures but sadly left my USB cord in the house today. :( so..NEXT WEEK! 

on monday President Cook told me I will be leaving Brisas at the end of this transfer. I'm sad to know I'll be leaving my home away from home but so happy to see the progression here in these past 7 months.

we have baptisms. :) 

august 16: Julia Ponce
august 22: Anastasia Toledo and Cristian Carreño

next week i'll have their stories ready to share and the miracles that come with them. :')

i hope everyone has a great week and is enjoying their summer. :) 

love, hermana walker
Images by Freepik