Wednesday, November 18, 2015

what happens when the house doesn't say BEWARE OF DOG?

November 18, 2015

I  waited a couple weeks to tell this story so that my poor mother would know that i'm perfectly fine, as well as hermana hidalgo. 
here it is, directly from my journal. 
     november 1, 2015: well, today is a day that i never ever thought would happen when i thought of my mission. 1) how fast a year goes because we're already in november. 2) we had a very dramatic experience with a giant siberian husky today. today was a great day at church. it was fast and testimony meeting and many shared their testimonies. in gospel principles we talked about temples and in relief society we talked about the prodigal son. alejandra was given a talk to give next sunday!!! :D she's so excited to do her family history and go to the temple. after church, we had lunch and as we do every sunday, TRACTING! we had a lesson planned with woldy but he didn't answer his phone so what did we do? TRACTED SOME MORE.  we had a lesson with a sweet lady named elsa after 2 really UNsweet ladies shut their doors in our faces. i started to tear up a little, just with frustration. that usually doesn't happen but today i felt sensitive for some reason. but we had this lesson with elsa (our new investigator) we taught a lesson on prayer and it helped me "recharge" spiritually. we left and started tracting again and on the way to another lesson, stopped at an old investigator's house to see house she was doing. i've never met her because she's hardly ever there due to her work schedule. but today, SHE WAS THERE! but, this is where it gets crazy. she let us in her front gate and we gave the normal kiss on the cheek. i saw her giant siberian husky trying to get out of the side gate and wouldn't ya know it, he did. he came straight for my legs and started biting me. i thought for a minute he was playing until he starting biting harder. he apparently got bored and went for hermana hidalgo. he jumped on top of her and started to bite her head. it took keñña (our investigator) and her sister to get him off and hermana hidalgo wasn't moving as she laid there on the ground. she was bleeding a lot and the dog had ripped her dress. all she said was "my head hurts" and closed her eyes. they took us immediately to the clinic where our mission president met us. she got stitches in two places on her head and they gave her a prescription for the pain. 
when we were in the car with president so that he could take us home, hermana hidalgo said something incredible. 

she said, "it happened for a reason. keñña is so great." 
9 words. she is such an example. 

why am i telling this story? i want you all to know that the trials we have happen for a reason. when we left that morning we never would have imagined something like this would happen. as in life, the trials we face aren't things that we would think would happen. so why do we have them? why do we have to pass through hard things? in 2 Nephi we learn that without opposition in all things, we could not know true happiness. we could not know true joy and we could not grow. our Heavenly Father wants us to be eternally happy. not just for a short amount of time. i hope that as you go through hard trials, whatever they may be, you can remember that they are for our benefit. we will never be given something that we cannot overcome. 

i hope you all have a wonderful week! enjoy the snow and in the meantime, i'll be using 50 SPF sunscreen and bug spray. 

love, hermana walker

meet dude. the mission dog. he protects us from the other dogs, minus the ones that attack you from inside gates. in this photo, as you can see, i was a little frustrated that he wasn't cooperating. 

our last district photo before elder webb returned to texas. (left to right:) elder webb, elder hermosilla, hermana hidalgo, elder marrero, elder hanni, elder johnson, elder fowles and elder jones

transfer meeting. i had to say goodbye to hermana henrikson yesterday because she has gone to the land of san miguel. i will miss her so much. on the bright side, hermana ibañez (my daughter) also had transfers and now lives with me once more! 

reindeer make better friends than dogs.

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