Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Lord's Timing

March 11th, 2015

Friday we had a day totally in the timing of the Lord. After lunch we had an appointment with a young woman with 3 kids who we've been trying to talk to for weeks. We finally had this appointment and when we got to her house she said she was busy and to just come back another day. I was super bummed and frustrated that our "for sure" appointment fell through. This appointment was at 3 and our next appointment wasn't until 4 but we decided to go to the next one early and see if she was home. She was and thankfully we caught her just before she ws going to take a nap. After this lesson we walked down a street that we don't usually walk down because Hermana Jerez remembered that we needed to buy laundry detergent. The woman who sells it from her house is a less-active member who we've never had a lesson with because she had been talking with the elders before. We knocked on the door and she let us in, gave us snacks and sat down ready for a lesson! We weren't prepared for a lesson with her but said a prayer with her and taught a lesson about prayer and receiving spiritual answers to spiritual questions. We then went back to our apartment because the night before, we discovered an iceberg in our fridge and had to let it thaw during the day, go back to make sure that our kitchen wasn't flooded and put all of our food back in before it went bad. At 6:30 we had an appointment with a lady that we had contacted in the street with her daughter. Her daughter is about 10 and is autistic. She recognized that I was "gringa" and immediately started talking with me in english! So we met with them and Monica (the mom) told us all about Andrea and their background. She talked to us until around 8:20 and we had lessons at 8:30! All day we had been calling sisters to help us with divisions since we couldn't visit both appointments without dividing and no one could help us except for one sister. We were waiting for her at the church because she said she would be about 5 minutes late and we were wondering what we were going to do when a young woman from our ward came walking down the street. We yelled her name and asked is she would PLEASE help us. She said of course and 1 min later the other sister came. We were able to go to both appointments and both were lessons filled with the Spirit and filled with progression. Heavenly Father cares about all the souls in this area and in the world. I have a greater testimony of this following this crazy day. :) It's true that "every soul is of worth in the sight of God" and I know that if we do our part to be instruments in His hands that He will always help us accomplish what is necessary. I hope, as always, that you all are doing well. Have a great week!
Love, Hermana Walker

Hermana Jerez and I with our Argentina shirts! She bought one for me at the farmers market (feria) for 1 mil (pesos)

Hermana Pocon, Hermana Johnson, Hermana Jerez and I after the Capilla Abierta

An elderly couple that we teach-Hugo and Elaina :) I love them so much! Hugo was just baptized in December at 90 years old! Elaina has been baptized for 40 years and never forgets to tell us! ;) They are the sweetest couple!

The elders in our ward with us-Elder Llacza, Elder Norman, Hermana Jerez and I

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