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i grew up in the tiny little town of weiser, idaho {weiser not weezer-although that would be pretty great} and i absolutely loved it! it is my place. i graduated from weiser high school in may of 2013 and made my way to flagstaff, arizona to continue my education in the land of pine trees and snow {yes, snow. in arizona.}

{that's me-the shorty in the middle- and my frennzz}

as everything in life, i had both wonderful experiences there and not-so-wonderful but i learned many lessons that prepared me to once again leave my family and friends to journey to chile. 

like how to talk to strangers

how to ride a bus and read a map {may come in handy for Chile's transit system?}

PATIENCE. definitely haven't mastered this but it has been tested quite a lot 

that service is the surest way to develop Christlike love and happiness

& a plethora of other valuable life lessons

my senior year of high school i was dead-set on going to college for a year and then going on a mission. that was it. there would be no variables, no chance of me changing my mind. but then, after my first semester, i started feeling unsure because everything was going just so swell and i didn't know if i wanted to put my education on hold and follow through on my mission plans. so i prayed. i prayed for months. i fasted for a specific answer and direction for so long and still received nothing. i read and read and read my scriptures. still nothing. then general conference time rolled around. i prayed knowing that i would receive an answer as to what i should do. the answer came. not as i had expected {as it most often happens that way} but the answer i received came as a peace to my heart that because of the gift of agency, Heavenly Father was trusting me to make my own decision and giving me the peace i needed to make the right one. so here i am. 19 years old and going to serve in a city of 6.3 million people.

i received my mission call after 7 weeks of waiting {i'm tellin ya, my patience has been tested} to serve in the chile santiago south mission. 

i report to the chile mtc {missionary training center} december 17, 2014 and will serve there for 18 months. 

i went through the beautiful boise idaho temple on september 27, 2014. what a blessing the temple is. it is pure. it is contentment. it is love.   

{me and papa walks on the temple grounds}

to learn more about lds temples and the importance of attending them,  click on this link:

if you would like to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or have questions, i urge you to go to the church website or "ask the missionaries! they can help you!"

i love this life i have been given. i love the Bible and the Book of Mormon. and i love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

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