Wednesday, January 21, 2015

weeks 4 and 5


Again, I apologize for how short this email will be! Today starts 2 weeks until I´m officially in Santiago Sur! I am so excited!! My district is now the oldest in the CCM because every district but 2 left this morning for their missions. On the Monday night before a big group leaves every two weeks, we have a big goodbye meeting and sing and basically just have a big crying fiesta. Last night was especially hard because our roommates left (Hermana Torres-from Colombia and Hermana Bishop-from Utah) They were so much fun and 2 weeks just wasn't enough! On Sunday my companion and I taught a lesson on Hope at church and had a wonderful experience. It was our last "English" week because this next Sunday and the Sunday after that are all in Spanish. Devotionals and everything! :)  Good gracious I´m out of time already!! Here are a couple of pictures. Everyone take care and be safe. I love you and I am so grateful for the support and emails and letters. :) Love, Hermana Walker

Hermana Endicott bought me a Kinder egg. I hadn´t ever heard of them but it´s a chocolate egg with a toy inside that requires assembly ;) 

Last night before the crying party (Hermana Bishop, Hermana Goodwin, Hermana Torres)


I don´t think 6 weeks has ever gone so fast! I leave for Santiago Sur (South) next Tuesday. I´m so excited to meet so many new people and share the happy message of Jesus Christ with them and their sweet families. :)

This past week was wonderful. To begin, my Spanish is improving! This is huge! Haha It´s still bery simple and a lot of times not the way I should say it but I can get my point across which is really exciting. :) On Sunday, we (my district) taught Ingles to the Latinos. It was so fun and fun(ny) to imagine what we sound like when they´re trying to teach us. ;) For our daily exercise in the morning, we´ve been playing ultimate frisbee which has been a blast! I spoke in church on Sunday. All in Spanish and some Latinos said they understood. YES! 

This whole week I´ve had There is Sunshine In My Soul Today stuck in my head. What a blessing it is to have such uplifting hymns to give joy to our spirits. :) 

I never say nearly all that I want to say in these emails but I know that Jesus Chirst is the Savior of the world. He is the reason for hope and the reason that we can have sunshine in our souls. Thank you for your prayers and love. Have a great week! :)

-Hermana Walker

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