Wednesday, July 8, 2015

it's about time we had some rain

July 8, 2015

hola everyone! i hope you all had a good 4th of july. i sure did.
 marcario, a recently reactivated member, gave me chocolate with almonds in memory of our day of independence and i was happy. :) 

sadly, i have to be brief today but i'll give the highlights. 

the first thing is: CHILE WON THE 'COPA AMERICA.' i'm not sure if i was happy or sad or indifferent because they beat argentina. part of my heart is in argentina because of my companions but i decided i should probably just stay quiet when hermana ibañez found out that chile won. ;)  
second: we are no longer allowed to use shoulder bags. now we leave the house with nothing but a "blank" Book of Mormon in our hands and our pockets full of what we can't carry! mainly kleenex's because the cold is gettin' to us. haha it's because there have been robberies (?)-i don't remember how to spell that- and it's just safer this way. now we definitely need to know our scriptures! :) without our own markings and everything to help us remember it's a little harder!  

last week.
thursday we had divisions with our hermana leaders. right now they're in a trio. hermana jerez, hermana tadeo and hermana sprenz. i was in la bandera again with hermana sprenz and hermana ibañez stayed here in brisas. it's always a good time, divisions. and we always learn so much. :) 

friday we had a lesson with a new investigator, delfina. delfina is a reference from our ward mission leader, israel. she lives in front of his house and is about 70 years old. she's eager to listen to us and has started to read the Book of Mormon. :)

saturday we had a service project in the morning for the Morales family. we sanded and painted their walls and were covered in paint and dried plaster. it was a great opportunity to get to know their family better and gain more confidence between us and them. :) we had lunch with norma and omar afterwards- an older couple in our ward that recently were sealed in the temple :) they are just great. hermana norma made a cake for hermana ibañez's birthday. it wasn't until monday but she made it early because we weren't going to see them before then. they're so sweet! we started our fast after lunch. our area presidency for chile asked all the members here in chile to fast for rain because of the drought and 
 on sunday, WE HAD A MIRACLE. after we broke our fast on sunday, almost immediately, it started to rain. it didn't downpour or fill the streets but it was enough for us to know that our Father in Heaven listens to our prayers. and this weekend it's forecasted to rain 30 mm. i don't know what that is in inches but they made it sound like a lot. :) 

i'm out of time for today! but i hope you all know and feel how much our Father in Heaven loves us. He listens to our prayers and answers them. in His time, but He answers. i know this to be true and i invite each and every one of you to gain a testimony of this. if you have one already, strengthen it. if you need one, ask Him. He will give in abundance. 

have a great week everyone! 

love, hermana walker

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