Wednesday, July 1, 2015

a good week for pictures and the work of the Lord

July 1, 2015

This is going to be a shorter letter but we had a great week this week!  I'm going to share just one of the experiences we had. 

Our lesson with Julia. SHE IS GOLD.  We found Julia walking slowly across the street with her cane and went to help her. she walked and talked with us for a bit there and gave us her address and phone number. this was on june 9th. we visited her on the 11th. we had a lesson about the Book of Mormon and invited her to church on sunday. she called us sunday and said it was too cold to leave the house but that the next week she'd make it. we visited her again and had an incredible lesson. she read from the Book of Mormon! she told us in her own words, "it was delicious and sweet, it's like we need nutrition for our spirits too!" then she asked about what happens to those that pass away and haven't had the opportunity to know Christ. we read Alma 40 and when we started talking about baptism, it was exactly what she wanted to hear. :) she asked us how many sundays she needed to attend before she could be baptized and when we told her, she said, "then i'll be there for sure on sunday" we invited her to be baptized on july 25 and she accepted. she came to church on sunday and told us that she was going to come always. we are SO HAPPY. :) she is so ready. i know that the Lord is preparing people all around the world to recieve His Gospel. and not only on this side of the veil but on the other as well. i don't think there's a joy greater than knowing that we can help our brothers and sisters, the children of God, come unto Him and enter His kingdom. 

i hope you all have a great week and enjoy your 4th of july! be safe and take care.
love, hermana walker

on sunday we had an anniversary of the mission Chile Santiago Sur. our mission is 2 years old now!! woohoo! 

agustin!! the son of hermano and hermana altamirano. i'll have a picture with them next week. fun fact: hermano altamirano was the zone leader two times of elder darren walker (my cousin) in misión chile concepción. 

aline! aline has a baptismal date for September 5. :) she's 11 and is just a gem. she's been doing her personal progress lately and is working on finishing the book of mormon. :) 

elder walker and i! the other day we found out that he's related to half of weiser. yep, he's part of the "other" walker clan. :) so shout out to jordanne and hannah and all of you other walker's! your cousin says hi!

​the ortiz family! last wednesday for p-day we had permission to watch chile vs. uruguay. chile won 1-0! they played against peru on monday and won again so they'll be playing for the cup on saturday against argentina. i told hermana ibañez that she should probably stop using her accent for a few days if chile loses. ;) (hermana ibañez, gianni, hermana ortiz, hermano ortiz, elder martinez (a.k.a cuba gooding jr. or dwayne 'the rock' johnson- just a little bit smaller ;), and elder alfaro

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