Wednesday, August 26, 2015


August 26, 2015

i've been transferred! it's strange to be in a different area. and when i say different, i mean different.  it's nothing like brisas here and i'm on the other side of the mission but i'm ready to have the marvelous experiences i know i'll have here. :) 
i have a new companion. and she's froooom... CALIFORNIA. 

hermana henrikson is from san diego. she's super great! :) two blondies roaming the streets of chena. woo!

it was hard to leave brisas but i know they're in good hands, the Lord's hands. i had the chance to visit a few people before i left and take some pictures so i'll be sending those. 

yesterday was my first day here and we visited a sister named silvia. her husband passed away recently. we shared jacob 5:70-75 and talked about our part in the work of the Lord just like the servants in the vineyard. she shared with us that she gave a Book of Mormon to a man in her neighborhood the other day and that they talked about the Holy Ghost and his influence in our lives. this man has a wife and 2 kids and we'll be visiting them this week. 

we also visited a sister named ines. she's about 85 years old and her husband also passed away recently. she's studying and preparing to enter the temple to be sealed to him. what a blessing it will be for her. 

i'm so excited to be in a new zone, a new area and with a new companion. i know hermana ibañez will be able to direct the area and keep the work going strong in brisas with hermana lesh. i know i wasn't a perfect trainer and that i wasn't expected to be but i learned that it is not "be perfect" it is, "be perfect in loving as Christ does" and i'm working on this. :) 

i hope you all have a great week! love, hermana walker

1. the Altamirano family! he was the zone leader of my cousin who served in Concepción

2. coni gallo and i 

3. laura gallo and i  

4. yo, hermana ibañez, maria and laura leiton-maria is 99 years old :) 

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