Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I don't know where the time goes

August 5, 2015

i think i'm starting to understand this expression more and more everyday. these last two weeks i haven't sent an email and this week is going to be short but next week will be long with pictures and everything. 

last week we went to the ANDES. can you believe it?? all 3 of the other missionaries in our ward hadn't ever been to the snow so we went up into the mountains with a member and played in the snow :) i took lots of pictures but sadly left my USB cord in the house today. :( so..NEXT WEEK! 

on monday President Cook told me I will be leaving Brisas at the end of this transfer. I'm sad to know I'll be leaving my home away from home but so happy to see the progression here in these past 7 months.

we have baptisms. :) 

august 16: Julia Ponce
august 22: Anastasia Toledo and Cristian CarreƱo

next week i'll have their stories ready to share and the miracles that come with them. :')

i hope everyone has a great week and is enjoying their summer. :) 

love, hermana walker

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