Wednesday, September 2, 2015

don´t cut the spaghetti

September 2, 2015

I'm trying to be really creative with the titles of these emails but they´re bad, i know. sorry folks! 

the reason for the title is that the other day, we had lunch with sister named Silvana Espósito. she´s italian and one of the coolest ladies ever. the story is that i always thought it was more polite to cut the spaghetti first and then eat it so you aren´t slurping it all up and getting it all over your face. well, apparently it´s very offensive to cut the spaghetti! she told me to never do it again and that it was a good thing it was my first day. eek! she said it nicely buuuut it was obvious that she was serious. so, i learned my lesson and don´t cut spaghetti anymore. now for the spiritual side of things. 

saturday was a day totally in the timing of the Lord. that morning we were walking to visit an elderly sister and as we were about to her house, a guy stopped and asked if we were in the Villa Chena the other day looking for a guy named Mario Tapia. I honestly didn´t remember but as he talked, he said that he was Mario and that we had passed by the other night but his wife answered. then i remembered! we have a list of people who have been inactive in the church of a while and he was on the list! he told us that he was hardly ever in his house because he works transporting goods to Argentina. But, he wants us to visit his wife and son! it really was a miracle. we are excited to find and start teaching Carolina and Sam. :) 

later that day, we had a cosechón. it´s when our district goes to another area to contact in a condensed area to help them find people to teach. we got there and started to knock on doors and knock on doors and more doors without any success. there was a Catholic church close by with a few members outside cleaning and Hermana Henrkison said, ¨let´s ask if we can help them clean¨ so we did, and they said yes! so we cleaned and dusted the benches inside and talked with them afterwards-they knew who we were and we told them that there were also elders in the area that could help them with service another day. i love when we´re able to find service opportunities and opportunities to make friendships and connections.  after we got back, we didn´t have an appointment so we went to contact in a street called Bulnes. we contacted a couple doors asking for a house that we couldn´t find and a guy gave us a referral of his neighbor and said she knew everyone in the street-so we knocked on her door and she was incredible! her name is Elisabeth  and she listened to the missionaries about 8 years ago. she talked to us in the doorway for about 15 minutes and told us that somewhere in her house she had a Book of Mormon but she hadn´t read it in years. we gave her another one and she started to read it right there in the doorway! she explained to us her fear of not knowing what was to come in the next life and we continued to talk. a couple minutes later, she said, ¨what am i doing? come inside!¨ so we walked right in and had a lesson about the plan of salvation and the joy of knowing what comes after this life and that the Book of Mormon the answers to these questions. she started to cry, and i started to cry and we just had a little crying party. i love the Spirit. i love how He works in our lives and in the lives of others when we allow Him to enter our hearts and minds. it was an incredible day and all because we let the Spirit guide us. I challenge you this week to let the Spirit guide. follow His promptings. 

i hope you all have a wonderful week!
hermana walker 

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