Wednesday, June 24, 2015

no electricity? good. i've been missing camping lately

June 24, 2015

another week here in brisas. still blessed and but feeling a lot colder. :) haha
we've officially started winter which means sleep with 2 pairs of socks, leg warmers, and a sweatshirt. 
i'm used to the weather but we have a few foreigners that need blankets in our district meetings and that's alright with me. :)
this week we met with a sister named Maria Teresa (i think i've mentioned her once or twice) she's a less-active member single mom with a son named Marlón who's 8. we've started talking with Marlón about baptism and the 5 steps of the Gospel. we read with them Alma 32:28 when Alma is talking about having faith like a seed and talked with him about what he can do to "help the seed grow" 
sidenote: the "Copa América" is being held here in Santiago this year which means that the soccer fanatics (all of Chile) get a little crazy. everytime Chile plays, we have to enter the house early because, like i said, it gets pretty crazy and pretty scary if Chile loses. they play today so President Cook changed the schedule of our p-day from 10:30-6:30 to 4pm-10:30. we aldo have permission to watch the game in the house of a member so we'll be doing that tonight with the elders in our ward. woohoo! 
one of our recent converts, Laura, found out this past week that she has cancer. at the end of may she completed a year as a member of the church. she is going to have an operation on july 4 and we are doing all we can to help her enter the temple this friday (27) before the operation. laura also suffers from depression and we were so worried that when we visited, she would be terribly sad. when we got to her house she greeted us with a smile and open arms and told us she felt more calm than she'd felt in a long time and that she's ready for anything that happens. what and example of faith and courage she is for me! there is a quote by President Uchtdorf from General Conference November 2014 called "Vivir el Evangelio con gozo" I don't have the quote in english but has all the talks and i invite you to search for it and brighten your day. :)
as for the title of this email..we got to the apartment 2 nights ago and the sisters (hermana bedard and hermana quintana) were planning with the light of a candle. no electricity! but i really have been wanting to go camping lately and seeing that i can't, this was as close as i was going to get. :) so, we took advantage and planned by the light of a candle and warmed some water over the flame to have some hot chocolate. :) the picture attached is our happy experience :)
this week i've had the opportunity to study about grace-the grace of our Savior and really what it means to. in the Bible dictionary it says, "grace is the enabling power that allows men and women to lay hold on exaltation after they have expended their own best efforts" we need to do all we can in obedience and works to truly receive the grace of our Father in Heaven. this is all part of the commandment to endure to the end. i invite you to "expend your best efforts" in all that you do. especially in inviting others to come unto Christ and know of His goodness and mercy. 
i hope everyone has a great week and that hailey, ethan and derek all have a happy welcome home! 
love you all! 
hermana walker

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