Monday, June 22, 2015

lots of photos

June 17, 2015

Have a great week everyone! Sorry the descriptions aren't very long! Take care and enjoy this life. Through all the happy times and the difficuties. Be grateful for each and every day. Love you all! -Hermana Walker

all of you who know i hate seafood should feel proud of me. sushi. i ate it.

​our unorganized house. don't worry, we cleaned it and organized and it's much better now. :) 

the 3 generations! Hermana Jerez (abuela) me and Hermana Ibañez. Today we had p-day de hermanas to say goodbye to all those that are leaving at the end of this transfer. I cried. Hermana Jerez will be leaving in 3 weeks and it's gonna be like leaving home again. BUT all things have their time and season and I know that she will be just fine back in Argentina :)

Our cake for sweet Anastasia. A sweet little one who turned 8 on Monday! We were able to make a cake for her and share a few minutes with her family. Her mom is a recent reactivation and their whole family is so special to me and Hermana Ibañez. We've been meeting with Anastasia to talk about faith and the importance of baptism. She has a date set for her baptism in July. :) (I'm crouching down a little because I couldn't tip the cake!) Haha

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