Monday, June 22, 2015


April 15, 2015

This week is my last week of my "training" with Hermana Jerez. I can't believe how fast it has gone! Today is possibly our last p-day as a companionship so we were able to visit the temple this morning. It's fall here and cold enough to wear boots and scarves and jackets. I really like the temperature but they say that it's going to get really cold in winter and we don't have heat in our apartment so I'm hoping we can stay warm in some way! This week was great.  We were crossing the street a couple weeks ago to go to a lesson with Hugo and entered his house when a lady rang the doorbell and asked if we spoke English. I said yes and she asked if we could talk with her friend Cecilia real quickly. We walked outside and Cecilia asked if we could help her sons with English and we set a time for the next Thursday to visit. She has two sons, Vincente and Maximo, who are 9 and 6. They both changed schools this year and their schools before didn't teach any English so they're really struggling. After this first run-in with Cecilia, Hermana Jerez told me that she and her companion before me had taught Cecilia one time before and the second time they visited, she didn't want to hear anything! We visited on Thursday and helped Vincente and Maximo (I learned too!) and set another time for the next Thursday and she invited us to have onces with them. We prepared a short lesson, thinking that we'd be able to talk a little about the Book of Mormon. She was more prepared than us. :) She had so many questions for us and we were able to give her a Book of Mormon and invite her to read it. She received it with a huge smile and a lot of excitement to read. :) We're going to meet with them again tomorrow to help Vincente and Maximo with their english and talk more with her. We were able to see another act of the Lord's hand and His timing in all things and in all places and in all people. Perhaps she wasn't ready to receive these things a few months ago, but we know that her heart is changed, her mind prepared and her faith in Jesus Christ strengthened. This week we also received a call to visit a less-active member named Maria Teresa and her son Marlon. He is 8 and also needs help with his English. We were able to have a wonderful lesson with her and invite her to church on Sunday. She's had a really hard time caring for her son. She works in the feria (farmers market) selling clothes and told us that for 5 years she lived in "house" with her son with no shower, kitchen or separate room to sleep and carried the gas tank to heat the water for her shower to her neighbors house to shower everyday. She was still so grateful for everything she had and continued to work so hard. This people are incredible and we have so much love for them. My faith is strengthened everyday through their example. I hope your faith can be strengthened as well through their lives and progress towards a life again with our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Have a great week, everyone! Take care and enjoy the spring weather! :) Love, Hermana Walker 

At the temple today with Hermana Jerez. Definitely starting to feel like fall! 

One of our investigators, Armando! :) He is probably the hardest person we have to teach because it's really hard for him to remember things but he's come to church for about 2 months now since the first time we invited him! 

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